Do you know what is Kelly Blue Book?

Not to be confused with many misspellings and interpretations like Kelly's Blue's Books , Kelly Blues Books or Kelly Bluebook.The Kelley Blue Book is not found in any bookstore or Textbook.The Kelley Blue Book is not a manual either. So What is it then ? Well some call it ,"The Online Automotive Vehicle Pricing Bookstore Manual".Yes thats a mouthful but thats what it is .Its in essence a bookstore,manual and guide on automotive pricing and second hand vehicles all in one place. Do yourself a favor and do your numbers correctly because The Blue Book will make or save you thousands of dollars overnight if you use it correctly.

If you’re wanting to buy second hand, be sure to look in the Kelly Blue Book before you get too far into your search. Utilising the Blue Book Values is a fantastic way for you to gauge how much you should spend for the car you’re interested in.

Kbb covers all aspects of second hand and used-car pricing. It tells you how much you should pay for almost every car that’s ever been made, and is organized in an easy-to-use style by make, model, year of the car and condition.

Be aware that there are a few well known things the Kelly Blue Book Prices aren't much good for. It doesn’t give any indication of how dependable a car is, or how problematic it is. You can get some idea of this by gauging how well the car holds its value, but Kelly Blue Book will mostly tell you pricing.

Consumer studies and Car and Driver tesing will tell you much of what you need to know about a car’s performance. For example—life expectancy, repair costs, and—point by point—which systems of the car (e.g. transmission, engine) are most likely to need to be repaired or replaced, and which may not be cause for issues. You’ll locate a wide range of information about almost every car that’s ever been made, written by real people who have little or no vested interest.

Of course, none of these are enough because the KBB is a famous resource that will explain how much to spend, provide consumer reports, car and driver opinion and will give you strengths and weaknesses of the cars you’re interested in. But after all that we still also recommend getting the car looked at by a mechanic you trust. And trust yourself to find problems on the test drive, even if you don’t know much about autos. Because you do have to drive it ultimately so your assessement from behind the wheel is the most important of all.

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I was looking for a used car in the California area and found the Blue Book online and was amazed to find the kind of values suggested to me by car dealers was far higher than blue book told me.I managed to save $1000 due to quoting KBB pricing to the dealer concerned.I totally reccomend it to all


A friend suggested I look at the blue book values when I was looking for a car to replace one that had been in an accident and I saved a lot of money by using it.


Blue book saved me time and money .I thouroughly reccomend it to you

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